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1 tlk70000010_05_msg0001 84 Hey. Lora. Would it kill you to crack a smile? Cheer up!
2 tlk70000010_05_msg0002 84 Maybe you're tense. Relax. Just let go of all that tension in your shoulders.
3 tlk70000010_05_msg0003 84 Just remember, that you have a really great support network around you. People you can trust.
4 tlk70000010_05_msg0004 84 You need to learn to rely on them, and to see yourself the way they see you. Love yourself, girl!
5 tlk70000010_05_msg0005 84 Hey, uhm, by the way, have you met a special someone lately, Lora? That's the vibe I'm getting off you right now.
6 tlk70000010_05_msg0006 84 So who is this dude anyway? Someone I know?
7 tlk70000010_05_msg0007 84 The curiousity's just burning right up. Come on, 'fess up!
8 tlk70000010_05_msg0008 84 Well, you don't want to tell me now, fine. Maybe you don't want to jinx it. But tell me when you're back, OK?