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1 tlk70000010_04_msg0001 84 Ever since we lost our mother, I've had to be a mum of sorts to Chalcy.
2 tlk70000010_04_msg0002 84 I've tried to do what I can to care for him, but I'm no replacement for the real thing.
3 tlk70000010_04_msg0003 84 He's gotten pretty big now, anyway. Doesn't need me so much. Gives me a real bittersweet feeling to think on it.
4 tlk70000010_04_msg0004 84 But, I mean, he's turning into a really promising young man, and a great member of the team.
5 tlk70000010_04_msg0005 84 Yes, with Chalcy by my side, I feel much stronger. Invincible! He's my rock. That will never change!
6 tlk70000010_04_msg0006 84 Oh...Lora! I nearly forgot... Thank you so much!