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1 tlk70000010_03_msg0001 84 A Knight of Torna, eh? That's a really big deal. Congratulations!
2 tlk70000010_03_msg0002 84 Oh, I'm sorry, I bet there's some new fancy way I'm supposed to address you now. Don't know if I can get used to it...
3 tlk70000010_03_msg0003 84 You're really going up in the world, aren't you? Such a big change... I can hardly believe it's the same you!
4 tlk70000010_03_msg0004 84 I see loads of knights up at the palace. Real dignified old gents, they are.
5 tlk70000010_03_msg0005 84 Things must be really hotting up if they need people so young to join up.
6 tlk70000010_03_msg0006 84 Hey, I also heard that Addam's going to be taking on some really huge stuff soon. Even so, don't be a stranger!
7 tlk70000010_03_msg0007 84 I want you to know that I believe in you.