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1 tlk70000010_02_msg0001 84 I think everyone did really great in the defense of the city. But I don't know how much my opinion really counts.
2 tlk70000010_02_msg0002 84 What I do know is, that I don't know what would have happened if you guys weren't here.
3 tlk70000010_02_msg0003 84 Course, I have to stay here, but I heard on the grapevine that Onyx's squad helped to fix the place up afterwards.
4 tlk70000010_02_msg0004 84 I mean, it was by order of the King. But I still think it's a pretty nice thing of them to do.
5 tlk70000010_02_msg0005 84 Usually they just stand about around the palace, the big meatheads.
6 tlk70000010_02_msg0006 84 Say, I wonder how Chalcy's getting on. I hear he's doing well, but I'm trying to be a bit more hands-off as a bro now.