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1 tlk70000009_05_msg0001 84 Me and my big bro have got this area locked down. None shall pass! Not even a mouse, or a rat!
2 tlk70000009_05_msg0002 84 Y'know, it's not just the gate that we're protecting here. It's the future. The future of the capital of Torna.
3 tlk70000009_05_msg0003 84 So, it's worth protecting. It's as important as marching out into battle, my brother says.
4 tlk70000009_05_msg0004 84 To be honest, I'm still a little bit apprehensive about meeting the enemy.
5 tlk70000009_05_msg0005 84 But, it's nothing compared to you guys. You've gotta get right up in the enemies' face. That must be tough.
6 tlk70000009_05_msg0006 84 Well, I hope that fortune always favors you in battle! Fare thee well!