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1 tlk70000009_02_msg0001 84 Thanks to the excellent judgment of Squad Leader Onyx, I was promoted to guarding the watchtower.
2 tlk70000009_02_msg0002 84 What a great view! You can see the whole city. I guess this is what they call "moving up in the world." Haha!
3 tlk70000009_02_msg0003 84 I can see the gate... And my big brother guarding the gate. He looks like a tiny ant down there.
4 tlk70000009_02_msg0004 84 ...
5 tlk70000009_02_msg0005 84 Well... What's done is done. I'm going to do what I can to protect Torna. And I'll do it my way, dammit!
6 tlk70000009_02_msg0006 84 It's for the best...