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1 tlk70000009_01_msg0001 84 Hey there, traveler! Could I ask you a question?
2 tlk70000009_01_msg0002 84 Like, at what age should a big brother stop making a little bro's packed lunch for him?
3 tlk70000009_01_msg0003 84 Uhm... Sorry, that's kind of a strange question to ask. You see, I've got this... friend...whose big bro makes his lunch.
4 tlk70000009_01_msg0004 84 I mean, the little bro... It's not like he's a kid. I mean, he's grown... He can take care of himself...
5 tlk70000009_01_msg0005 84 He even has a job doing guard duty on the gate. So he can make his own damn pack lunch! I'm old enough, dammit!
6 tlk70000009_01_msg0006 84 Ach! My friend, I meant. He's old enough. But the big bro, he just keeps waking up early to make these lunches.
7 tlk70000009_01_msg0007 84 If he didn't waste his energy on all this fussing, he could be moving up in the world! I just don't get why he...ugh...