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1 tlk70000007_01_msg0001 84 I'm envious of Joey and Marcus always running around outside and chatting with folk... Hack! Haargh!
2 tlk70000007_01_msg0002 84 Sorry... I guess I'm a bit shy lately. I don't really get the chance to meet a lot of people, you see.
3 tlk70000007_01_msg0003 84 Maybe I know something helpful, though... Oh! There are lots of really neat shops all over Torna.
4 tlk70000007_01_msg0004 84 I'm sure if you have a look, you'll find tons of stuff that's useful for Drivers and Blades.
5 tlk70000007_01_msg0005 84 I really wish I could go, but going to busy places makes me too tired.