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1 tlk70000006_03_msg0001 84 The Armus have calmed down now. Teeco was worried, so she came out to have a look for herself.
2 tlk70000006_03_msg0002 84 She was trying to look all calm and controlled, but she was just putting it on.
3 tlk70000006_03_msg0003 84 She was in a right tizz really. I can always tell. She can't look me in the eyes when she's like that.
4 tlk70000006_03_msg0004 84 Hey, speaking of looking at things with eyes... I saw you guys fighting the other day! Awesome!
5 tlk70000006_03_msg0005 84 You looked so cool! You just bashed 'em up like, POW! ...And SOCKK! It was a real buzz to watch.
6 tlk70000006_03_msg0006 84 I might try playing at being a Driver instead of Armu experiments. Maybe I can get one of them to be a Blade...