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1 tlk70000006_02_msg0001 84 Yomma, Ajji, and Washish made it back. What a relief!
2 tlk70000006_02_msg0002 84 Thanks so much for helping me get them back! Big dumb things...
3 tlk70000006_02_msg0003 84 It might be time for me to quit with all the experiments I've been doing on them. Simple creatures need routine.
4 tlk70000006_02_msg0004 84 I should probably go say thank you to Teeco as well...
5 tlk70000006_02_msg0005 84 She's been sort of a pain lately, though. Says everything fun is "childish", and keeps trying to mother-hen everyone.
6 tlk70000006_02_msg0006 84 It's like she thinks she's all grown up already. It's a shame, cos she used to be cool.
7 tlk70000006_02_msg0007 84 But, I mean, you just have to talk to her for a bit, and she'll drop the act, and go back to being our good old Teeco.