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1 tlk70000004_05_msg0001 84 Hope you don't take this the wrong way... I don't want to doubt a Tornan victory,'s a bit unlikely, right?
2 tlk70000004_05_msg0002 84 When the time comes, please promise to take care of yourselves, won't you?
3 tlk70000004_05_msg0003 84 The great power of Coeia also crumbled. Not easy to be hopeful about the future, is it?
4 tlk70000004_05_msg0004 84 And if Tornan power gets ground down, Mor Ardain will come to the fore, no doubt about it!
5 tlk70000004_05_msg0005 84 If they have nobody to challenge them, they might go after Gormott first... And some Tornans think of fleeing there.
6 tlk70000004_05_msg0006 84 The result of this battle is not the be all and end all. If you can, I want you to think about what happens after.