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1 tlk70000004_03_msg0001 84 That Wayton fellow doesn't look like much, but it seems he's made us a shelter with some impressive facilities.
2 tlk70000004_03_msg0002 84 Explosion-, fire- and earthquake-proof, and it's designed not to collapse under its own weight.
3 tlk70000004_03_msg0003 84 Next we need to worry about food, medicine stockpiles, air filtering and the like...
4 tlk70000004_03_msg0004 84 But I don't think we need to worry too much. Soon Tornan technological might will surpass even Mor Ardain's.
5 tlk70000004_03_msg0005 84 And if there's anything we can't handle ourselves, we can ask the palace engineers. They'll be able to help.