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1 tlk70000002_03_msg0001 84 Welcome, welcome!
2 tlk70000002_03_msg0002 84 Today we have celebration for accolade of new Torna knight, with 10% off sale!
3 tlk70000002_03_msg0003 84 Oh dear! It friend custome- Ah, no, what say! Friend knight!
4 tlk70000002_03_msg0004 84 Not trying to cash in on happy feeling of big event, OK? Just want to mark occasion, OK?
5 tlk70000002_03_msg0005 84 Meh? OK to carry on? Should celebrate even more? Friend knight such big-hearted!
6 tlk70000002_03_msg0006 84 OK! Then let's have 20% off before change mind! Meh! Roll up, roll up!