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1 tlk70000002_02_msg0001 84 Most products in front of Obibi's shop burned to crisp...
2 tlk70000002_02_msg0002 84 And products from inside not popular with Nopon... But on other wing, liked by Chamber of Commerce workers.
3 tlk70000002_02_msg0003 84 Feel truly thankful when Obibi think about those people.
4 tlk70000002_02_msg0004 84 But Obibi not happy about having to start from scratch like that...
5 tlk70000002_02_msg0005 84 Meh? No, Obibi not scratch because of fleas! Be serious!
6 tlk70000002_02_msg0006 84 By way! The product in warehouse should still be fine!
7 tlk70000002_02_msg0007 84 Obibi will keep trying best to grow business!