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1 tlk70000001_05_msg0001 84 Intelligence network and mobility of Macmac is staggering. Some nightmare where wings and feet sprout up!
2 tlk70000001_05_msg0002 84 Like being watched wherever Morumo goes! No means to escape! Has ears in walls! In ceiling!
3 tlk70000001_05_msg0003 84 Very distressing for Morumo. Very, very! Started spending more time with others.
4 tlk70000001_05_msg0004 84 When on own, Morumo only worry about Macmac. When in company, can forget about Macmac.
5 tlk70000001_05_msg0005 84 Then hear lots of stories from people Morumo spend time with. Very big help!
6 tlk70000001_05_msg0006 84 Morumo want to help even more...
7 tlk70000001_05_msg0007 84 Refuse to be beaten by Macmac. Morumo sort things out and make market bigger and better!