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1 tlk70000001_02_msg0001 84 Gargoyle attack is worst thing ever happen to shopping ward. Everyone in complete shock!
2 tlk70000001_02_msg0002 84 But no use just standing around with mouth agape. Unless shops open, trade completely doomed!
3 tlk70000001_02_msg0003 84 That where Chamber of Commerce come in!
4 tlk70000001_02_msg0004 84 Clean up, repairs, distribution of food... Biggipon, littlepon, all pitch in! Everyone work hard.
5 tlk70000001_02_msg0005 84 Might call it market mayhem!
6 tlk70000001_02_msg0006 84 Morumo was pitching in too. Could not have people thinking chairman not pull own weight!
7 tlk70000001_02_msg0007 84 All hard work put market back on feet in record time!
8 tlk70000001_02_msg0008 84 Everyone work really, really hard! Morumo still mighty impressed...