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1 tlk502109_msg0001 84 Hey... Do you know who tends this garden?
2 tlk502109_msg0002 84 Huh? I'm not too sure.
3 tlk502109_msg0003 84 But this place is the Sanctum of the Indoline Praetor.
4 tlk502109_msg0004 84 I guess it would have the same stately aura, no matter who tended it.
5 tlk502109_msg0005 84 Well, I can really feel that the gardener here truly cherishes this place. I think they must be a good person.
6 tlk502109_msg0006 84're probably right.
7 tlk502109_msg0007 84 I think so.
8 tlk502109_msg0008 84 If I met the person responsible, I'd certainly want to commend them on their excellent work.
9 tlk502109_msg0011 84 Of course! I'd be glad to.
10 tlk502109_msg0012 84 May I ask your name?
11 tlk502109_msg0013 84 I'm called Floren.
12 tlk502109_msg0014 84 Well, Floren... I'd like to give you this.
13 tlk502109_msg0015 84 I'm sure that the person who tends this garden would thank you for your kind words and give you a token of thanks.
14 tlk502109_msg0016 84 Actually, I'm rather pleased that someone else appreciates this garden.
15 tlk502109_msg0017 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]Huh? Yeah!