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1 tlk502108_msg0001 84 Oh... This is excellent wood.
2 tlk502108_msg0002 84 You can tell good wood when you see it, young lady?
3 tlk502108_msg0003 84 Yes, I can! I have a special affinity with trees and plants.
4 tlk502108_msg0004 84 This is Groove Wood, right?
5 tlk502108_msg0005 84 Yeah, that's right. It's used to make musical instruments.
6 tlk502108_msg0006 84 They're one of Leftheria's famous exports.
7 tlk502108_msg0007 84 I'm sure it makes them sound lovely...
8 tlk502108_msg0008 84 It sure does. Nothing quite like it, is there?
9 tlk502108_msg0011 84 Why don't you take a few pieces with you, young lady?
10 tlk502108_msg0012 84 Really? You're sure it's OK?
11 tlk502108_msg0013 84 Yeah. There's more here than you could count in a lifetime. It wouldn't hurt if you took a few.
12 tlk502108_msg0014 84 Most of the youngsters round here are only interested in salvaging - it's rare to see anyone show an interest in lumber.
13 tlk502108_msg0015 84 It really cheers me up to speak to a girl like you.
14 tlk502108_msg0016 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]Huh? Yeah!
15 tlk502108_msg0021 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]Huh? That's odd...
16 tlk502108_msg0022 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]Perhaps my charm failed me this time.