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1 tlk502101_msg0001 84 Meh! Repairs of Goldmouth very big job.
2 tlk502101_msg0002 84 Oh, funny old boat. Fall apart, no matter how much repairs...
3 tlk502101_msg0003 84 Fall apart because of old. Not because of Tonadon!
4 tlk502101_msg0004 84 But customer not believe Tonadon... Just sound like excuse. Oh, work will never end!
5 tlk502101_msg0005 84 Yes, I'm sure it's hard work. But it's very important!
6 tlk502101_msg0006 84 Wh-who?
7 tlk502101_msg0007 84 It's Floren!
8 tlk502101_msg0008 84 I think your work with wood is really something special. The love of the material really comes through.
9 tlk502101_msg0009 84 So, never give up, Tonadon!
10 tlk502101_msg0010 84 Mehmehmeh!
11 tlk502101_msg0011 84 Thanks to happy feelings from Floren, Tonadon feel much energy! Ready to work again!
12 tlk502101_msg0012 84 Tonadon make all vessels good as new!
13 tlk502101_msg0013 84 Tonadon would like to give Floren little token of thanks. Really is quite little...
14 tlk502101_msg0014 84 Huh? Yeah!