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1 qst501905_msg0001 84 My Nopon Chess Set broke...
2 qst501905_msg0002 84 I found it on the street, so it's not like it was in perfect shape to begin with, but it's proper ruined now.
3 qst501905_msg0003 84 Well, I guess we got a lot of use out of it, for something we got for free.
4 qst501905_msg0004 84 Now, I'm not gonna let this get me down, you know. I'll just enjoy myself fishing instead.
5 qst501905_msg0005 84 But my pal I always played it with? He's getting pretty depressed.
6 qst501905_msg0006 84 So I figure, I'd better catch a big one, and hope it cheers my friend right up!
7 qst501905_msg0007 84 Hang on, is that...?!
8 qst501905_msg0008 84 That's a Nopon Chess Set! And made of coral, even!
9 qst501905_msg0009 84 Wow, I'm really jealous... Those only came out just recently!
10 qst501905_msg0010 165 Give him the Coral Nopon Chess Set?
11 qst501905_msg0011 165 Yes
12 qst501905_msg0012 165 No
13 qst501905_msg0013 84 Really?! I can have it?!
14 qst501905_msg0014 84 Wow, thanks!
15 qst501905_msg0015 84 My dad's a soldier, so he never comes home lately.
16 qst501905_msg0016 84 And my mom won't give me any pocket money, 'cos she wants to save up cash in case war breaks out.
17 qst501905_msg0017 84 And I mean, we live on Torika Alley, so we were never exactly well off to begin with...
18 qst501905_msg0018 84 Seriously, thanks for this! Me and my pal will treasure it forever!
19 qst501905_msg0019 84 Ohhhhh... What I wouldn't give for one of those!
20 qst501905_msg0020 84 One day, I'm gonna get stinking rich and buy a Coral Nopon Chess Set of my very own!