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1 qst501904_msg0001 84 Thank you for all help last time.
2 qst501904_msg0002 84 Me training like mad now to become great Nopon Sage!
3 qst501904_msg0003 84 No time for work. No time for study. Spending all day and night in deep meditation to reach enlightenment!
4 qst501904_msg0004 84 So...would quite appreciate offerings.
5 qst501904_msg0005 84 No, no! No need to hesitate so long!
6 qst501904_msg0006 84 Me not care much what friends offer! Any food at all bring great happiness to me!
7 qst501904_msg0007 84 Ahhhh, that so tasty-tasty!
8 qst501904_msg0008 84 Stomach very satisfied now! Thanks be to friends!
9 qst501904_msg0009 84 Oh, yes!
10 qst501904_msg0010 84 Soon me planning to leave Tantal.
11 qst501904_msg0011 84 Hoping to achieve enlightenment in place where me can receive many offerings of food like just now!
12 qst501904_msg0012 84 Some place with much dense trees and big waterfall, lake of clean water...
13 qst501904_msg0013 84 Hopefully find dream place like that! Anyway, see friends around!
14 qst501904_msg0014 84 Stomach rumbling like fierce animal...
15 qst501904_msg0015 84 At this rate, me reach afterlife before reach enlightenment...