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1 qst501903_msg0001 84 500G came falling from above!
2 qst501903_msg0002 84 I've seen careless tourists miss the mark with 1G or 5G before, but a whole 500G? That's a first!
3 qst501903_msg0003 84 Must've been some silly nouveau riche tourists who never do any exercise.
4 qst501903_msg0004 84 Though of course, from where we're standing, they're basically gods!
5 qst501903_msg0005 84 Dropping blessings of money from on high! Literally!
6 qst501903_msg0006 84 Even splitting it between us, I'll have enough to let my old man and my sister eat their fill for once!
7 qst501903_msg0007 84 So thank you, whoever you are!