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1 qst501805_msg0001 84 Me supposed to be giving Tome of Morytha to some strange Blade.
2 qst501805_msg0002 84 Blade is friend of yours?
3 qst501805_msg0003 84 Pleasure to meet you. Me name of Krezzi Temtem.
4 qst501805_msg0004 84 People always tell me is strange name for Nopon, but me quite fond of its unusual flavor.
5 qst501805_msg0005 84 Anyway, me sent letter to strange Blade, but have no intention of handing over Tome for free.
6 qst501805_msg0006 84 Krezzi is greatest collector of unusual items in all Tantal. Only willing to trade for other rare and interesting item!
7 qst501805_msg0007 84 When judging rare and unusual items, me always quantify exact numerical Excitement Quotient.
8 qst501805_msg0008 84 This because Krezzi only desire items that make heart go pitter-pat and leap with excitement!
9 qst501805_msg0009 84 So yes. Friends bring items with Excitement Quotient exceeding 100. Then we trade.
10 qst501805_msg0010 84 Friends bring items with Excitement Quotient exceeding 100 yet?
11 qst501805_msg0011 84 Krezzi warn friends, me very connoisseur of unusual items. Not excite for just any old thing.
12 qst501805_msg0012 84 Oh dear, oh dear. This no good at all.
13 qst501805_msg0013 84 Friends must bring most very incredible item, likes of which Krezzi has never seen!
14 qst501805_msg0014 84 O-oh my wings! How eccentric!
15 qst501805_msg0015 84 Me has never seen such avant-garde combination! Such artistic innovation! Impact takes breath away!
16 qst501805_msg0016 84 Whew... Heart of Krezzi went pitter-pat and loop-the-loop all right.
17 qst501805_msg0017 84 Me go home right away, mount this next to fireplace, and call all friends round to admire!
18 qst501805_msg0018 84 Here is promised item in exchange. One Tome of Morytha.
19 qst501805_msg0019 84 Krezzi was going to collect all Tomes by self, but hear strange Blade already have three, so better to hand over.
20 qst501805_msg0020 84 Hoping strange Blade have plenty of luck deciphering Tomes!