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1 qst501301_msg0001 84 Meh-meh... This not good at all...
2 qst501301_msg0002 84 What should Rentarenta do with empty warehouse?
3 qst501301_msg0003 84 If nobody use, better to give to someone for free...
4 qst501301_msg0004 84 Meh-meh?!
5 qst501301_msg0005 84 You people Drivers and Blades?
6 qst501301_msg0006 84 Rentarenta inherit useless warehouse from salvager Dadapon. No use to me, so was wondering what to do.
7 qst501301_msg0007 84 But!
8 qst501301_msg0008 84 Maybe some Blades of friends want extra space to use?
9 qst501301_msg0009 84 Wanting bookcases maybe, or just place to store lots of favorite stuff?
10 qst501301_msg0010 84 If Drivers willing, me rent out lovely warehouse to Driver friends! Low low price of 100,000G!
11 qst501301_msg0011 84 Didn't I just hear you saying something about "free"...?
12 qst501301_msg0012 84 I could've sworn I heard you say something about giving it away for free.
13 qst501301_msg0013 84 That is quite the bold offer. Were you not muttering about giving it away for free a few moments ago?
14 qst501301_msg0014 84 You greedy little fluffball. I heard you saying you'd give it away for free just now!
15 qst501301_msg0015 84 Rentarenta true Nopon. Very determine to turn useless warehouse into money.
16 qst501301_msg0016 84 W-well, if friends find way into warehouse without opening door, by all means use to heart's content.
17 qst501301_msg0017 84 But if friends pay 100,000G, me open door and friends can use freely!
18 qst501301_msg0018 165 Pay 100,000G?
19 qst501301_msg0028 165 Pay
20 qst501301_msg0029 165 Don't pay
21 qst501301_msg0030 165 Pay 99,990G?
22 qst501301_msg0019 84 Thanks much to friends!
23 qst501301_msg0020 84 Warehouse and Dadapon both more happy-happy if somebody make use of wasted space.
24 qst501301_msg0021 84 And Rentarenta more happy-happy now a little bit more rich!
25 qst501301_msg0022 84 Rentarenta leave door open, so friends use freely from now on!
26 qst501301_msg0023 84 Bye-bye now!
27 qst501301_msg0024 84 Hm? Too pricey?
28 qst501301_msg0025 84 Then Rentarenta make slightly better offer!
29 qst501301_msg0026 84 Rentarenta can not make any better offer than this.
30 qst501301_msg0027 84 If friends change mind, come back see Rentarenta any time!