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1 qst501001_msg0001 84 Hey there. Looking to transfer some cash?
2 qst501001_msg0002 84 How much you wanna send?
3 qst501001_msg0003 165 Send some money?
4 qst501001_msg0018 165 Send 10,000G
5 qst501001_msg0019 165 Send 30,000G
6 qst501001_msg0020 165 Send 90,000G
7 qst501001_msg0021 165 Don't send anything
8 qst501001_msg0004 84 OK, that all seems to be in order.
9 qst501001_msg0005 84 You're a good kid, you know. Always sending money home like this.
10 qst501001_msg0006 84 It'll be for Corinne in Fonsett Village, right? Yeah, I still remember.
11 qst501001_msg0007 84 Don't worry, you can count on me to get it delivered safe.
12 qst501001_msg0008 84 Whew, that's quite the sum.
13 qst501001_msg0009 84 Don't worry, we only assign the best couriers to big transfers like this. We'll see it gets there safe.
14 qst501001_msg0010 84 'Course, given how tough you guys are, it might be easier for you to just deliver the cash in person...
15 qst501001_msg0011 84 But hey, I guess I can see how that might feel awkward sometimes.
16 qst501001_msg0012 84 Can't complain when you're giving us work to do!
17 qst501001_msg0013 84 So, how much'll it be this time?
18 qst501001_msg0014 84 Hey there. Looking to transfer some cash?
19 qst501001_msg0015 84 Ah, but listen. You've already sent over 90,000G lately, and that's on top of the 90 thousand from that big job.
20 qst501001_msg0016 84 Don't you think you've done enough for now? I'd go have a chat with that Corinne, if I were you.
21 qst501001_msg0017 84 If she needs any more than this, she must be trying to build a castle or something!