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1 qst501001_msg0001 84 Thank you friend, for earlier help.
2 qst501001_msg0002 84 Because of friend, Nomon's Nopopomouli growing strong and healthy!
3 qst501001_msg0003 84 Nomon sell his fine Nopopomouli for 30,000 gold a-piece. And they selling like hot cakes!
4 qst501001_msg0004 84 Also! Nomon will build amazing palace of Nopopomouli.
5 qst501001_msg0005 84 This is Nomon's dream.
6 qst501001_msg0006 84 Nomon actually short of manpower right now. Cannot increase size of business to realize ambitions.
7 qst501001_msg0007 84 Where can Nomon find some cheap labor...?
8 qst501001_msg0008 84 Mehmeh?
9 qst501001_msg0009 84 Friends have more Blades than know how to use profitably, by looks of things!
10 qst501001_msg0010 84 If friends help Nopon, then Nomon share his yummy profits!