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1 qst500701_msg0001 84 We had an Ardun calf born recently.
2 qst500701_msg0002 84 Take a look - isn't he adorable?
3 qst500701_msg0003 84 The only thing is, usually when these beauties give birth, it's to a bunch of calves at once...
4 qst500701_msg0004 84 But for some reason this one was an only child.
5 qst500701_msg0005 84 So I feel like I've gotta take extra good care of him.
6 qst500701_msg0006 84 Hey, you're Drivers, right?
7 qst500701_msg0007 84 If you've got time to spare, would you help me look after the calf?
8 qst500701_msg0008 84 You don't have to do much, just give him a feed every once in a while.
9 qst500701_msg0009 84 I don't really have any reward to offer, but looking after an animal might make a nice change from battling for you!
10 qst500701_msg0010 84 And interacting with all kinds of different people should help him grow up big and strong.
11 qst500701_msg0011 84 Well, come round any time!
12 qst500701_msg0101 84 Oh, have you brought some food for the Ardun?
13 qst500701_msg0102 84 He's still only a youngster, so there are limits to what he can eat.
14 qst500701_msg0103 84 Anyway, if you have something he'll enjoy, go ahead and feed him!
15 qst500701_msg0201 84 Oh, have you brought some food for the Ardun?
16 qst500701_msg0202 84 He's really been growing lately, hasn't he? But he's not done yet!
17 qst500701_msg0301 84 Oh, have you brought some food for the Ardun?
18 qst500701_msg0302 84 Thanks to all your help, he's growing up splendidly! I bet he's grateful too.
19 qst500701_msg0401 84 Oh, have you brought some food for the Ardun?
20 qst500701_msg0402 84 Thanks to all your help, he's all grown up! In fact, he's grown up so strong, I'm having trouble handling him.
21 qst500701_msg0403 84 He has a huge appetite, too. If you have anything to give him, be my guest!
22 qst500701_msg0501 84 Oh, have you brought some food for the Ardun?
23 qst500701_msg0502 84 Thanks to all your help, he might just become the strongest Ardun in all of Gormott.
24 qst500701_msg0503 84 Maybe I should give him a name of his very own...
25 qst500701_msg0601 84 I've been watching Ardun grow since the day I was born...
26 qst500701_msg0602 84 But never in all my years have I seen one grow up this strong. He doesn't even need anyone to feed him now!
27 qst500701_msg0603 84 But listen, I came up with a special name for him.
28 qst500701_msg0604 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]Relentless Arduran!
29 qst500701_msg0605 84 [ML:Feeling ]What d'you think? Cool, right?
30 qst500701_msg0606 84 Feel free to spend some time with Relentless Arduran if you like!
31 qst500701_msg0607 84 Just try not to get too carried away, OK?