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1 qst500601_msg0001 84 You're...Sheba, right?
2 qst500601_msg0002 84 That is our name, yes.
3 qst500601_msg0003 84 Sorry, it's just... That Core Crystal was displayed in our shop for ages, so seeing it finally come to life...
4 qst500601_msg0004 84 It's still kind of surreal, you know? Oh, I'm loving the whole always-in-the- bath thing, by the way. Very hygienic.
5 qst500601_msg0005 84 Are you making fun of us, peon?
6 qst500601_msg0006 84 N-not at all!
7 qst500601_msg0007 84 So pray tell, did you want something of us?
8 qst500601_msg0008 84 Oh yeah, right. My grandpa made a promise with you when he was younger, you see.
9 qst500601_msg0009 84 A promise, you say?
10 qst500601_msg0010 84 He said that if he managed to sell your Core Crystal for half a million G, he'd give half the proceeds back to you.
11 qst500601_msg0011 84 Does this mean 250 thousand G is ours for the taking?
12 qst500601_msg0012 84 That's the long and short of it, ridiculous though it may be...
13 qst500601_msg0013 84 Truly, our former self was a genius! A queen among queens!
14 qst500601_msg0014 84 My grandpa was always grumbling about that promise, though. Said a rock like this would never sell for that price.
15 qst500601_msg0015 84 And he had a point. I mean, two generations later and the thing was STILL on display.
16 qst500601_msg0016 84 But a buyer appeared in the end, did they not? And now you are 250 thousand G the richer!
17 qst500601_msg0017 84 Perhaps you should have priced it at five million G instead.
18 qst500601_msg0018 84 Doubtless our Driver would have paid up regardless of the asking price!
19 qst500601_msg0019 84 Hahaha!
20 qst500601_msg0020 84 ...This is quite the Blade you've got your hands on.