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1 qst500206_msg0101 84 Cave of Indol so comfy, Foorara stayed there for very long time...
2 qst500206_msg0102 84 But then ground start shaking very lots, and suddenly World Tree in front of eyes!
3 qst500206_msg0103 84 Foorara never more shock in all of life!
4 qst500206_msg0104 84 After that Foorara follow other people to boat and escape Indol safe.
5 qst500206_msg0105 84 Foorara very lucky to be living!
6 qst500206_msg0106 84 Anyway, Voltis Trade Guild Walky- Walky Guide Book say, no matter how hard things get, always keep going.
7 qst500206_msg0107 84 People here was very helpful, but Foorara must go on with Walky-Walky!
8 qst500206_msg0108 84 Quite tired of hot place now, so probably go to Tantal next!