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1 qst500204_msg0001 84 Hello friends! Foorara was reflecting on bitterness of existence.
2 qst500204_msg0002 84 People of Uraya and Mor Ardain seems to like doing wars.
3 qst500204_msg0003 84 Nopon not do wars really, but world of merchants fraught with competition.
4 qst500204_msg0004 84 Peace means no winners or losers, but life always have winners, so people must trying to not lose.
5 qst500204_msg0005 84 Life very cruel.
6 qst500204_msg0006 84 Voltis Trade Guild Walky-Walky Guide Book say, conflict is source of opportunity.
7 qst500204_msg0007 84 Foorara brought many Fusty Fungus, so maybe try selling to Uraya army to get moneys for travel.
8 qst500204_msg0008 84 Anyway, maybe we meet again. Best of luck!