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1 qst500202_msg0001 84 View from here is very grand!
2 qst500202_msg0002 84 Foorara not see such wonderful view before in all of life!
3 qst500202_msg0003 84 Foorara know what friends thinking. Life of Foorara not very long yet. But that beside point.
4 qst500202_msg0004 84 Watching people of Gormott from here, Foorara think they generally too calm and relax for their own good.
5 qst500202_msg0005 84 That because Gormott people born in lovely land of plenty of food and nature and not much problems.
6 qst500202_msg0006 84 There was war at one point, but that no change basic nature of people much.
7 qst500202_msg0007 84 Foorara know what friends thinking. Nopon who only alive for five years should not make judgment about life.
8 qst500202_msg0008 84 Anyway, Foorara feeling hungry now. Want to gorge self on mushroom.
9 qst500202_msg0009 84 Voltis Trade Guild Walky-Walky Guide Book say, no good try to do anything while tum-tum is empty.
10 qst500202_msg0010 84 So gorging self on mushrooms is correct goal of Walky-Walky!
11 qst500202_msg0011 84 Anyway, maybe we meet again. Best of luck!