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1 qst500112_msg0001 84 Ah, welcome friends! Friends who help brotherpons and sisterpons always welcome here.
2 qst500112_msg0002 84 Thanks to friends, all eleven of brotherpons and sisterpons of Motata come safe back home!
3 qst500112_msg0003 84 And three whole new items added to menu of Twelve Brothersisterpon!
4 qst500112_msg0004 84 As thanks for all help, Motata give friends one of each new item for free.
5 qst500112_msg0005 84 If friends like, should come by and buy even more!
6 qst500112_msg0006 84 Welcome friends! New menu recipe been added to menu!
7 qst500112_msg0007 84 Always pleasure to doing business!
8 qst500112_msg0008 84 Please make purchase next time! Motata always waiting!
9 qst500112_msg0009 84 I don't think I should be shopping around right now...