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1 qst500111_msg0001 84 Welcome friends welcome!
2 qst500111_msg0002 84 Would friends care for sip of Twelve Brothersisterpon most popular famous drink, Twinklejuice?
3 qst500111_msg0003 84 Soon we have even shinier new juice to offer!
4 qst500111_msg0004 84 Brotherpons and sisterpons exploring world right now in search of only tasty-tastiest ingredients!
5 qst500111_msg0005 165 What do we say to that?
6 qst500111_msg0006 165 Ask where Mitutu's siblings are
7 qst500111_msg0007 165 Ask what ingredients Mitutu found
8 qst500111_msg0008 84 Oh, brotherpons and sisterpons not keep in contact. All searching alone until find tasty-tasty ingredients.
9 qst500111_msg0009 84 Only way of achieve juice perfection is to follow own heart, unswayed by opinions of others!
10 qst500111_msg0010 84 So Mitutu have no idea where other brothersisterpons got to.
11 qst500111_msg0011 84 Meh-meh?!
12 qst500111_msg0012 84 I-ingredients found by Mitutu is very top secret trade secret!
13 qst500111_msg0013 84 Meh-meh-meh?!
14 qst500111_msg0014 84 I-ingredient that Mitutu find is just Sweet Wasabi.
15 qst500111_msg0015 84 Why friends so surprise?!
16 qst500111_msg0016 84 Mitutu have sprained finger! Hurting very much! So could not go very far!
17 qst500111_msg0017 84 That why Mitutu find ingredient quick-quick on Goldmouth, then come back to help with drinks place!
18 qst500111_msg0018 84 Not fault of Mitutu! Mitutu do nothing wrong!