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1 qst500107_msg0001 84 Hello-lo!
2 qst500107_msg0002 84 Nonono very busy excavating ruins, so friends leave Nonono alone!
3 qst500107_msg0003 165 What now?
4 qst500107_msg0004 165 Leave her alone
5 qst500107_msg0005 165 No no no, keep talking!
6 qst500107_msg0006 84 Nonono like it when people do as Nonono say.
7 qst500107_msg0007 84 Nonono say Nonono very busy! Why friends keep talking?!
8 qst500107_msg0008 84 Nonono need to excavate all ruins in whole area and find Titan weapons like scary Aeshma!
9 qst500107_msg0009 84 Probably take over 100 years to excavate all ruins, so Nonono can not be wasting any moments!
10 qst500107_msg0010 84 Now friends please leave Nonono alone to excavating!
11 qst500107_msg0011 165 Decisions, decisions...
12 qst500107_msg0012 165 Encourage her
13 qst500107_msg0013 165 No no no, Nonono should stop
14 qst500107_msg0014 84 Thanks, friends, for support!
15 qst500107_msg0015 84 Will make sure friends first to know when Nonono finish excavating!
16 qst500107_msg0016 84 No no no! Nobody stop Nonono!
17 qst500107_msg0017 84 Even Mamapon never stop Nonono! Even Brotherpon never stop Nonono! And strangers definitely can not-
18 qst500107_msg0018 84 Wait...brotherpon? Nonono remember something about brotherpon...
19 qst500107_msg0019 84 Brotherpon...? Sisterpon...? Twelve?
20 qst500107_msg0020 84 AHHHH!
21 qst500107_msg0021 84 Nonono not come here to Temperantia for excavating! Come to find tasty-tasty ingredients for juice!
22 qst500107_msg0022 84 Nonono work hard to make tasty new juice for Twelve Brothersisterpon drinks place in Argentum!
23 qst500107_msg0023 84 No, no, no... How could Nonono get so distracted by silly distracting ruins?
24 qst500107_msg0024 84 Nonono is worst of all Brothersisterpon!
25 qst500107_msg0025 84 No time to waste! Nonono must find Death Mushroom quick-quick and take back to Argentum!
26 qst500107_msg0026 84 Thanks friends for stopping Nonono!