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1 qst500106_msg0001 84 Hello-lo!
2 qst500106_msg0002 84 Simama come here to search for tasty-tasty juice ingredients.
3 qst500106_msg0003 84 But only find lots of Cloud Sea.
4 qst500106_msg0004 84 Other brotherpons and sisterpons probably find ingredients and go back home to Argentum already...
5 qst500106_msg0005 84 What should Simama do?
6 qst500106_msg0006 165 What SHOULD Simama do?
7 qst500106_msg0007 165 Try salvaging!
8 qst500106_msg0008 165 Try gathering from a Titan
9 qst500106_msg0009 84 Meh-meh-meh!
10 qst500106_msg0010 84 Simama was so busy worrying, did not even think of that!
11 qst500106_msg0011 84 Simama dive down right now!
12 qst500106_msg0012 84 ...Simama forgot to put on salvager suit, but still found Angel Engine!
13 qst500106_msg0013 84 Not look very tasty-tasty, but Simama take this back home anyway!
14 qst500106_msg0014 84 Other brotherpons and sisterpons of Simama also searching for ingredients, so probably this enough for now.
15 qst500106_msg0015 84 Friends say hello-lo if seeing any of them!
16 qst500106_msg0016 84 Bye-bye now!
17 qst500106_msg0017 84 Meh-meh-meh!
18 qst500106_msg0018 84 Oh! Simama not even notice that Titan right there behind Simama!
19 qst500106_msg0019 84 Titan even covered in greenery! Probably full of tasty-tasty veggies!
20 qst500106_msg0020 84 Simama will find ingredients and take ship straight back home!
21 qst500106_msg0021 84 Drop by Twelve Brothersisterpon drinks place at Argentum if friends want, and say hello-lo to Simama again!