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1 qst500104_msg0001 84 Meh-meh-meh?! Nice people appear out of nowhere!
2 qst500104_msg0002 84 Yamama come to Mor Ardain to search for rare tasty-tasty ingredients.
3 qst500104_msg0003 84 Plan was to climb to head of Titan and hunt for tastys, but somehow Yamama get lost.
4 qst500104_msg0004 84 All food supplies run out, so Yamama resort to eat wild Emperor Beetles. Turns out, quite tasty-tasty!
5 qst500104_msg0005 84 But that not point!
6 qst500104_msg0006 84 Yamama need to know way out of here!
7 qst500104_msg0007 84 ...OK, Yamama understand. Thank friends for help!
8 qst500104_msg0008 84 Yamama not want to get lost again, so head home to Argentum now.
9 qst500104_msg0009 84 Take lots of Emperor Beetles. Should make good enough ingredient!
10 qst500104_msg0010 84 Oh yes, Yamama have many other siblings also looking for tasty-tasty juice ingredients.
11 qst500104_msg0011 84 If friends meet in travels, please be nice to other brothersisterpons too!
12 qst500104_msg0012 84 Bye-bye friends!