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1 qst500103_msg0001 84 Hello-lo!
2 qst500103_msg0002 84 Tanini have question for experienced adventurer-like friends!
3 qst500103_msg0003 84 Friends think juice made with Blue Ladybird be tasty-tasty?
4 qst500103_msg0004 165 Juice made with ladybirds?
5 qst500103_msg0005 165 Sounds tasty-tasty!
6 qst500103_msg0006 165 Sounds disgusting
7 qst500103_msg0007 84 Friends think so too?!
8 qst500103_msg0008 84 This juice will be ultra popular! Eclipse even shiny success of famous Twinklejuice!
9 qst500103_msg0009 84 Friends think bad idea?
10 qst500103_msg0010 84 But friends not pros in juice making industry. Tanini probably should not listen to opinion.
11 qst500103_msg0011 84 Tanini think Blue Ladybird tastiest of all bug. Put into juice will make perfect blend of tasty-tasty goodness.
12 qst500103_msg0012 84 Soon Twelve Brothersisterpon be most popular drinks place in all Argentum once again!
13 qst500103_msg0013 84 Oh yes, Tanini have other brotherpons and sisterpons also searching for tasty-tasty ingredients.
14 qst500103_msg0014 84 Maybe friends meet them during travel. Make sure say hello-lo if yes!
15 qst500103_msg0015 84 Bye-bye now!