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1 qst500102_msg0001 84 Hello-lo!
2 qst500102_msg0002 84 Friends show up at perfect time!
3 qst500102_msg0003 84 Monono get on ship to go back to home at Argentum Trade Guild...
4 qst500102_msg0004 84 But ship take long time to set sail.
5 qst500102_msg0005 84 Monono overhear things about Mor Ardain too. Did Monono get on wrong ship?!
6 qst500102_msg0006 84 Meh-meh-meh?!
7 qst500102_msg0007 84 Then Monono really is on wrong ship?! Was not expecting that!
8 qst500102_msg0008 84 Thank friends for useful info!
9 qst500102_msg0009 84 Monono must hurry back to Argentum and deliver tasty Mint Fish to others!
10 qst500102_msg0010 84 If friends stop by Argentum, be sure to visit Twelve Brothersisterpon!