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1 tlk4750016502_msg0001 84 Hmm... Let me indulge you in a story from years back.
2 tlk4750016502_msg0002 84 I'm sure you're well aware of the stone monument at the village outskirts, our resident Village Guardian?
3 tlk4750016502_msg0003 84 Beneath that lies the resting place of Addam.
4 tlk4750016502_msg0004 84 It's his blessing that has protected us from strife and allowed us to live in a state of peace and tranquility.
5 tlk4750016502_msg0005 84 The King of Tantal claims to have been descended from Addam, but in actual fact, he's not blood-related.
6 tlk4750016502_msg0006 84 What?! You already knew that? Well, you're more versed in the ways of the world than this old geezer...