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1 tlk47500163_04_msg0001 84 Oh! What good timing! There's something I need doing. Want to help?
2 tlk47500163_04_msg0002 84 I want you to fetch some flowers for my wife's grave.
3 tlk47500163_04_msg0003 84 Course, they're not flowers you can get round here. They're a special blue flower only found on Lonaria Island.
4 tlk47500163_04_msg0004 84 She used to love those flowers best of all, but I'm too long in the tooth to go fetching them.
5 tlk47500163_04_msg0005 84 I'm sure strapping youths such as you, shouldn't have any problem though.
6 tlk47500163_04_msg0006 84 Will you help me out?
7 tlk47500163_04_msg0007 84 You will? Grand...
8 tlk47500163_04_msg0008 84 You have my thanks.