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1 tlk47300164_04_msg0001 84 Hey! Listen up! I've seen something!
2 tlk47300164_04_msg0002 84 I saw some shadowy folk gathered in the middle of the night in a spot just outside Fonsett.
3 tlk47300164_04_msg0003 84 At least I think they were people... Could have been animals too... Bit bigger than a Nopon, I reckon.
4 tlk47300164_04_msg0004 84 Can't bear to think that a quiet village like Fonsett might be attacked... That'd be beyond the pale!
5 tlk47300164_04_msg0005 84 Till we find out what's going on, I'd like some more guards to help protect the village...
6 tlk47300164_04_msg0006 84 You'll do it?! Oh, that's a relief!
7 tlk47300164_04_msg0007 84 Take care while you're on duty!