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1 tlk47300161_04_msg0001 84 Hey... You heard about Kisra on Emi Island?
2 tlk47300161_04_msg0002 84 Apparently they've got a bit of a Dringworm problem there.
3 tlk47300161_04_msg0003 84 You've never heard of it?!
4 tlk47300161_04_msg0004 84 Listen up! Dringworms are those nasty shelled beasties that feed on Titans. Thought everybody knew that...
5 tlk47300161_04_msg0005 84 Few hundred years back, they filled an island with holes and it sank into the Cloud Sea!
6 tlk47300161_04_msg0006 84 They need clearing out sharpish, but doubt there's anybody in Leftheria who's capable...
7 tlk47300161_04_msg0007 84 Wow! You'll do it?!
8 tlk47300161_04_msg0008 84 Great! This mission's a tough one, so don't take any chances, OK?