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1 tlk42100141_03_msg0001 84 Did you know Mr. Vandham used to live in Fonsa Myma before he became a mercenary?
2 tlk42100141_03_msg0002 84 Of course, Vandham is just a nickname. His real name is Aquila Paronet Sol Esteriole.
3 tlk42100141_03_msg0003 84 He's actually a scion of the noble Paronet family of Uraya.
4 tlk42100141_03_msg0004 84 Vandham's just a name that he borrowed from a famous person that he looked up to as a kid.
5 tlk42100141_03_msg0005 84 I heard him mention that in his more sprightly days. I'm very knowledgeable when it comes to these things.