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1 tlk46320171_04_msg0001 84 Did you know?
2 tlk46320171_04_msg0002 84 Word is that a massive fish has been spotted off Baldotas Isle in the Leftherian Archipelago.
3 tlk46320171_04_msg0003 84 I heard that this fish has the most delicious taste out of all the Architect's creations.
4 tlk46320171_04_msg0004 84 No wonder it's causing so much fuss!
5 tlk46320171_04_msg0005 84 Have to say, I can't stop thinking about it myself!
6 tlk46320171_04_msg0006 84 What I'd give for a taste...
7 tlk46320171_04_msg0007 84 But there's no way I could fish that beast out by myself.
8 tlk46320171_04_msg0008 84 So, I'm on the lookout for someone to lend a hand, but no one seems to be up for it.
9 tlk46320171_04_msg0009 84 Can't pass over a chance like this though, can we? Who knows when we'd get another shot at it!
10 tlk46320171_04_msg0010 84 Wow! You're going to help! You're just the ticket!
11 tlk46320171_04_msg0011 84 Come on, we'll be gorging on roasted fish before long!