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1 tlk45500421_01_msg0001 84 And who might you be, hmm?
2 tlk45500421_01_msg0002 84 From the looks of you... You must be here to ask my advice, I suppose?
3 tlk45500421_01_msg0003 84 I see, I see... Must've gotten the wrong end of the stick.
4 tlk45500421_01_msg0004 84 Drivers often come to me asking for advice on their work, you know.
5 tlk45500421_01_msg0005 84 I'm retired now - age does take its toll - but I had quite the career as a Driver myself, you see.
6 tlk45500421_01_msg0006 84 Though at this point, I'm no different from any other old man living out my remaining days in peace.