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1 tlk45500152_04_msg0001 84 Now who's gone and become the owner of Elgeschel Hobby Store, eh?
2 tlk45500152_04_msg0002 84 I was saving up money to buy that place myself, you know!
3 tlk45500152_04_msg0003 84 Though I have to admit, this game Dealing Kingdoms is an absolute blast.
4 tlk45500152_04_msg0004 84 It's based on Duelling Kingdoms, but the added Nopon Trade Guild elements give it so much more depth!
5 tlk45500152_04_msg0005 84 And this Plumber Escape Game is fantastic too! Me and the kids play it together most every day.
6 tlk45500152_04_msg0006 84 I guess it's thanks to the new owner that we've got all these great new games in the lineup now.
7 tlk45500152_04_msg0007 84 So while it kills me to admit it, maybe I should be thanking them. Whoever they are.