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1 tlk45420141_02_tlk0001 84 To think the inscriptions here turned out to be the work of the ancient Nopon.
2 tlk45420141_02_tlk0002 84 I was talking with Alisdeigh, and he explained that long ago, those murals used to be just above water level.
3 tlk45420141_02_tlk0003 84 Over the years, the place drained out, and now at the bottom of what used to be a lake...
4 tlk45420141_02_tlk0004 84 We have the whole mercenary village of Garfont!
5 tlk45420141_02_tlk0005 84 The history of Alrest holds so many mysteries to unravel. It's fascinating!
6 tlk45420141_02_tlk0006 84 I think I'm going to set out wandering again soon. I want to find more places like this one, brimming with mystery!