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1 tlk45400251_04_msg0001 84 Mor Ardain has been trading with Uraya more often lately. Something to do with the economy booming, I suppose?
2 tlk45400251_04_msg0002 84 So I came up with the idea for a new bread confection using an Urayan fruit called Ruby Mangosteen.
3 tlk45400251_04_msg0003 84 A fruity bun that's warm on the outside, but cool and sweet on the inside!
4 tlk45400251_04_msg0004 84 It's called the Hot Ruby Steamed Bun! You might have heard of it already. Bet you didn't know I invented it!
5 tlk45400251_04_msg0005 84 Scenna's selling them at her store right now, so you should definitely try some if you haven't.
6 tlk45400251_04_msg0006 84 It's funny, though. A little while back, I would never have dreamed we'd be able to use ingredients from Uraya.
7 tlk45400251_04_msg0007 84 I guess we should be thankful to a certain someone for that.