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1 tlk45370154_03_msg0001 84 One industry which Mor Ardain supports heavily is the salvaging trade.
2 tlk45370154_03_msg0002 84 This is because salvaged materials are invaluable both for military use and as a profitable export.
3 tlk45370154_03_msg0003 84 However, the nation's salvaging activities are not centered here in the capital.
4 tlk45370154_03_msg0004 84 There's a port town called Chilsain on the Titan's right shoulder where most of the salvaging used to take place.
5 tlk45370154_03_msg0005 84 I say "used to" because we've received word that Chilsain was razed beyond recovery by those attacks from the sky.
6 tlk45370154_03_msg0006 84 There was a large fortress there, and a major military port... I fear many proud Ardainian lives must have been lost.