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1 tlk45370154_02_msg0001 84 The Ardainian Army has a policy of actively scouting new Drivers to recruit.
2 tlk45370154_02_msg0002 84 The main goal, of course, is to bolster our own forces, but it also helps avoid Drivers being recruited by rival nations.
3 tlk45370154_02_msg0003 84 This is why we carry out scouting activities in as many territories as we can manage.
4 tlk45370154_02_msg0004 84 Gormott is a particular focus, because many Gormotti still harbor ill feeling towards the Empire.
5 tlk45370154_02_msg0005 84 It would be quite troublesome if they were to throw their lot in with Uraya.
6 tlk45370154_02_msg0006 84 So we encourage them to join our military before that happens.